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Emotional Intelligence Course
Work Ethics & Etiquette for Organisational Competitiveness
Exceptional Customer Care Course
What you will learn
 What you will learn
What you will learn
  • Achieve greater personal awareness through self-management tools and techniques
  • Leverage emotional intelligence to improve your effectiveness as a leader
  • Harness the social and emotional potential of your team to improve performance
  • Get results working with different and difficult personality types
  • Maintain focus and work productively within the political environment of your organization
  • Identify appropriate situations and techniques for assertive communication
  • Confidently deal with conflict situations and ‘difficult’ people.
  • Appreciate the importance of behaving appropriately in a business environment.
  • Link work ethics to organizational value proposition (Mission, Vision and Values)
  • Uphold sterling virtues that have potential for long term benefits 
  • Handle ethical dilemmas and personal issues in the workplace
  • Display courtesy on the telephone, in voice mails, and in written communication
  • Follow proper etiquette at business functions, meetings and dinners
  • Handle multi-cultural issues as they arise in the workplace.

  • Provide exceptional customer care that guarantees repeat patronage
  • Maximize the value of every customer interaction
  • Apply appropriate techniques that routinely deliver positive customer experiences
  • Chart and communicate corporate minimum service standards to customers
  • Proactively identify service gaps and bridge such gaps.
  • Deal effectively with difficult customers and turn ‘complaints’ into opportunities
  • Contribute to a customer-centric culture and achieve greater personal growth.